Magic Torino

Built at the confluence of two rivers, the Po and the Dora, and located at the vertex of two triangles, that of white magic and that of black magic, Torino boasts a centuries-old esoteric tradition.

During “magical mystery tours” you can explore the two souls of the city starting from the darker and more sinister heart of the town, among angels and devils, scary stone monsters and sinister architecture.

Some highlights of tours are Piazzo Statuto – which is said to be the centre of the black Torino magic triangle alongside London and San Francisco – the former home of Nostradamus close to the square, and the Palazzo del Diavolo in via Alfieri. In contrast to black magic, a white magic triangle would also have been active in the city in the area of Piazza Castello and its alchemist caves. Other notable point of the white magic triangle – said to exist between Torino, Prague and Lyon – is the Church of the Gran Madre di Dio.