Torino city of innovation

Not only museums and Royal Residences! The image of Torino is also that of an innovative, dynamic and ever-evolving city, which welcomes you in new spaces and large boulevards built anew or recovered from industrial areas thanks to world-renowned architects: places that have contributed to making Torino Unesco Creative City of Design.

The biggest infrastructural project carried out since the post-war period, is the Spine: large avenues, green areas and cycling paths obtained mainly by creating an underground railway system, which used to split the city in two.

Going along it we find Porta Susa, the most beautiful contemporary station in Italia, and the Intesa San Paolo skyscraper by Renzo Piano, both in glass and steel, the OGR Officine Grandi Riparazioni – once an industrial complex dating to the late nineteenth century, now the beating heart of creativity, culture and entertainment -, the new Citadel of the Polytechnic, the “diamond” of the District heating plant.

And then new buildings. CNN International has included the sinuous and innovative Campus Einaudi by Norman Foster – one of the most important British contemporary architects – among the ten most beautiful university buildings in the world; the Nuvola, the Lavazza coffee brand headquarters, is an ecosystem of places open to the neighbourhood, to the city and to the world.