Taste Torino

Eating well in Torino is an art, a tradition of excellence that spans from wine to cheese, and from coffee to aperitifs. You can enjoy this superb cuisine in the over 600 restaurants the city can offer.

Here the appetisers come in an infinite variety based on meat, fish, vegetables, eggs, salami and cheeses, all obviously to be served with “grissini”, invented in the 17th century for Prince Victor Amadeus II of Savoy. Any first course has to include “agnolotti”, meat filled pasta which is dressed with either gravy from the roast, or butter and sage, ragout sauce or meat broth. Not to be missed is the wide range of high qualityhandmade cheeses coming from our Alpine valleys.And of course, all of this washed down with thegreat Piedmontese red and white wines: Barolo, Barbaresco, Barbera, Arneis and many more.


A typically local rite: the aperitif. In the most modern bars, like in the historical cafés, which for centuries have welcomed intellectuals, tourists and business people to its tables – a before-dinner drink accompanied by countless nibbles is a rite that can’t be missed.


Things haven’t changed much in the historical cafés, the heart and soul of Torino tradition and culture: a safe bet for tasting some special subalpine pastries in oh-so-chic style.


Torino has been the chocolate heart of Europe since the 17th century. The history of chocolate is strictly connected to Torino and Piemonte, where the very first hot chocolate, chocolate houses and the “gianduiotto” – the typical Torino chocolate made of cocoa and hazelnut – were invented.